Surface Express Logistics

Silver arrow manages the flow of things from the point where it is originated to the right consumption point very efficiently and safely. We render all ranges of surface express logistics in India and also provide service for small, medium and large business either of the service can be opted depending on the requirement. As silver arrow is bound to time which is the key thing in logistics has backed us to serve time concern shipments. The express service solutions developed by our silver arrow team increases the efficiency of business for the customer. We have special service facility to handle brittle and perishable goods. We are transparent to the client about the movement of the goods as the tracking system is precisely updated. The path breaking technology which is uniquely available with us around the globe is a clear proof of IOT.

We offer surface express logistics service across all the pin codes in India either urban or rural there is no boundary and restriction for the service. This is the major platform for all the logistic partner to grow the business. For each account we have a qualified professional guiding the customer on the dot. The cost-effective solution is offered from planning till the delivery of the product to end customer. All these has driven silver arrow to top the chart in the logistic sector amongst the surface express services and stay as benchmark for all the surface express companies around the globe.